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What is it?

ProxyBandit is a first of it’s kind Tool to create your own proxies. How? It creates the VPS (Virtual Servers) instances needed with all required packages, and configurations to create a proxy server automatically. This is done with any and all of the currently supported VPS Providers; DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode..and more coming very soon. Suppliers today are charging a lot of money for proxies, anywhere from $2-$3 per, and sometimes more. You can pay $200-$300+ for 100 proxies for the month, even if you wanted to use for 1 hour. With ProxyBandit, that will cost you on average $0.70! Literally pennies on a dollar..NOTE: You must fund your provider accounts in order for ProxyBandit to work, even if it’s $5 – that will take you a long way.

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Act Quick! Right now ProxyBandit is being offered for $100 and NO FEE FOR 1 MONTH!.